Sunday School and EPIC

Sunday School

Sunday School starts with a short prayer at 10:55am and at 11:00am the children begin their learning and activities. Parents can stay with the children, until they are settled, but are then then encouraged to rejoin the service. Children aged 3-7 years have a Bible talk and time of singing and learn more about the day’s Bible passage and to pray. They learn through discussion, memory verses, crafts and games that all connect with the learning theme of the day.

If you would like to know whether Sunday School is meeting on a given Sunday, or to know the theme we are following, please follow this link



Fisher Folk
3.30pm Tuesdays

This is a singing activity for children aged 7-12. It teaches children confidence to sing, and expands the number of Christian songs they know. Fisher Folk sing in church from time to time.


EPIC Youth Group

4:30pm Thursdays

EPIC (Endless Possibilities In Christ) meets every Thursday from 4:30 – 6pm for those aged between 8-12 years (year 4-7s). EPIC supports and challenges the young people to reach their full spiritual potential. Every week we get together, have a meal together, have Bible Study, discuss the what’s going on at school and have fun with games and crafts activities.

To register your child for the Sunday School class, Fisher Folk or Epic  please follow this link.

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