Director of Music



Julien Lee is a classical pianist with Hong Kong origin and resides in London. He frequently performs in different important venues and occasions around London like at London fashion week, Royal St. Katherine Foundation, St Stephen Walbrook of the city of London, Armourer Hall at London wall, Queen Mary University, London Scottish House, and as well travel and perform in Italy, Israel, Denmark, Hong Kong, Switzerland.

He has studied for three years at Jerusalem Academy of Music with leading Israeli pianist prof Yaron Rosenthal, who was a student of Murray Perahia. Throughout the years, Julien has developed his passion for Spanish classical piano repertoire, improvisation and chamber music. He has attended piano masterclass with many renowned pianist included prof. Norma Fisher from Royal college of Music in London, prof. Christian Pohl from the University of Music and Theatre in Leipzig, and Grammy nominated pianist Andrius Zlabys. Professor Yaron Rosenthal commented on his unique playing, ‘His ability in projecting deep emotions to audiences with nobility in his expressive playing regarding him as one of the most unique musicians I know’.

Julien teaches piano at all levels, especially in classical piano and improvisation.  He also plays for special events such as weddings and funerals.  If you want to find out more, please contact him on