Please remember in your prayers those who are ill in body, mind and spirit:

Mushtaq Barkat, Susan Earlham, Margaret Hawkins, Mary Mansfield, Mary Martinson, Samantha McTasney,  Stephanie Turner, Dominika, David Longbottom, Peter Harrison, Nargis Mushtaq, Hasan Bhatti, Olive Joseph, Reg Tarbard, Adele Roberts, Tom Keighley


The prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise them up' (from James 5:14)


And those who have died:


Linda Brown, Bernice Sultan, Constantine Nunn, Hilda Reyes de Segales, Sandra Ireland, Constance Williams, Thomas McCallum, Pete Hill


May they rest in peace, and rise in glory' (from traditional Christian liturgy)


Anglican Cycle of Prayer,  

The Church of Bangladesh is one of the oldest and most traditional Anglican Churches in Bangladesh. The history of the plantation of this church is quite old. The Anglican Church or Protestant Church originated in Bengal from the time of British rule in the Indian subcontinent.