Prayer requests

The clergy team at Christ Church are happy to receive requests for prayer. Sometimes you will want everyone to join in with prayer for a sick person. Their name can be added to the noticesheet which everyone takes home with them. Members of the Parish will then remember the names of the sick (and of the dead) in their private prayers as well as during the church’s services. Sometimes you will want to keep your request private, and the clergy have their own lists of people to pray for.

To ask for prayer, please email Fr. Tom or phone 07753616499

Our weekly notice sheet includes three groups of names to be remembered in our prayers:

    • those who are ill or housebound
    • those who have died within the last month
    • those for whom the anniversary of their death falls within the calendar month, particularly those who had a Christ Church  funeral, and those whose ashes are buried in the Garden of Remembrance

The prayer list is read out in the intercessions at the Mass on Wednesday evening, and informs our private prayers throughout the week.

If you would like someone to be added to the prayer list, please contact us with your request.